Pandit Keshav Ginde was taught to play the mridangam by his grandfather, Pandit Damodar Ginde to accompany him in bhajans at a tender age of 6. Enamored by his cousins playing Violin, Sitar, Dilruba and Tabla, young Ginde laid his small hands on these instruments. However, financial constraints prevented him from pursuing his thirst for the music using these instruments. His mother brought a small flute in line with the family worship of "Lord Krishna with flute". The cheapest, tiny small instrument flute was not taken by other family members. His mother envisioned that her son will become a Flute Maestro. During the schooling years, his colleagues and teachers were quite fond of Ginde and encouraged him playing "Jana, Gana, Mana", Vande Mataram on various occasions like 15th August, 1947. On completing his Higher Secondary, he came to Fergusson College, Pune and took general music lessons from Pt. Borkar (Organ player who accompanied Balgandharva and Master Dinanath Mangeshkar in their private drama company).

Advanced Training

He took advanced learning under Late Pt. Haripad Choudhari, the first disciple and friend of Pt. Pannalal Ghosh and Late Pt. Devendra Murdeshwar, disciple & son-in-law of Pt. Pannalal Ghosh . Pt. K.L. Ginde was very much under the influence of Pannababuji style. Pt. Ginde's rendering of flute resembles us in Pannababuji in Gayaki (vocalist) style. More so, he is at home equally in Tantkari (Beenkari) style like string instrument while rendering Ragas in Dhrupad - Been style.




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