The Comparison

Comparison of Features between Traditional Bamboo Flute Vs Keshav Venu


Traditional Flute

Newly Developed Flute 'Keshav Venu'


Vedic Age (minimum 10,000 years ago or before)

New creation in late 20th Century

Diameter & Length


Dia (Inner) 1" x Length 42"

Total Number of holes inclusive of blowing hole

7 or 8


Range of "Octaves"

2 to maximum 2.5

3.5 & above

Meend - sliding from one note to other note

Less than one Octave

More than 1.5 Octaves

Raga Astheticity

Less asthetical appeal in view of inherent limitations

Asthetically perfect and profound. Conforms to classical grammer with a huge range of notes available.

Necessity of additional flute for Base note octaves

Second flute absolutely essential for playing for Base notes

Second flute not required. Single flute can produce 3.5 octaves.

Loss of Tonal quality

Using two different flutes one after another introduces discontinuity during switches adversely affecting the aesthetics of the raga.

No change - single flute is played for 3.5 Octaves. Hence aesthetic of Raga is maintained very much effectively.

Rendering Ragas like vocalist

Suffers from several limitations

No limitation. Can equal a vocalist. More so, special flute effects of replications of notes possible ( impossible in any instrument or in vocal)


Less creative, possesses only maximum 2.5 Octave range

More creative, possesses range of 3.5 octaves i.e. additional half octave available for musical creativity






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